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You can visit the APA's web site at:

The American Payroll Association is an organization of payroll professionals, dedicated to the increasing the professional skills of its members and to the recognition of the payroll profession as the specialized profession it has become.

The APA offers its members a computer- based training program, numerous workshops, seminars, symposiums, and conferences in order for payroll professionals to develop and maintain a high degree of skill.

Some of the benefits of belonging to this fine organization include: annually receiving a directory of members by name and industry, a "hot line" service that helps you get fast and accurate answers to questions that won't wait, and a monthly magazine called PAYTECH, a monthly e-newsmagazine called ePayXpress, and monthly e-newsletter called Payroll Currently, all of which contain information about the latest developments of interest to payroll professionals, including articles on special topics. APA members receive breaking payroll news on laws, regulations, and forms via e-mail and on APA's Web site.

Also available by subscription is PayState Update, a bi-weekly state and local compliance newsletter to keep your current on legislative changes.

The APA also sponsors a two-tiered certification program for payroll professionals to promote expertise among payroll professionals and excellence within the profession. For both the Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) and Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC exams are held twice each year, once in the Spring and again in September. This exam tests the skills of payroll professionals in fundamentals and basics of payroll, taxation, systems, accounting, and management. Upon successful completion of these exams, the payroll professional is given the designation of Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) or Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC).

To become a member of National American Payroll Association, click - Join APA.100% of APA membership dues are deductible as an ordinary business expense.

For more information on the American Payroll Association and its programs, call 210-224-6406 and ask for Membership Services. You can also visit the APA's web site at:

As liaison to government agencies impacting payroll, the APA delivers authoritative updates on federal and state legislative and regulatory developments. The APA works to influence the legislative and regulatory processes that so greatly impact payroll's daily environment by testifying at Congressional, Treasury, and IRS hearings and meetings. From recommending changes to employment tax forms to commenting and testifying on payroll regulations and law changes, the APA provides the leadership expected from a professional association.

Watch PNN - The APA Pay News Network is your number one source for payroll and accounts payable news. Click here for the PNN home page.

MyPaycheck Website

In celebration of National Payroll Week (NPW), the APA and ADP, Inc. are encouraging America's workers to take advantage of the MyPaycheck Web resource:

The site helps wage earners take a giant step forward in the direction of employee self-service by giving them the opportunity to use interactive tools, calculators, and guides to gain immediate answers to questions about:

  • Income tax withholding
  • Gross pay calculations
  • Tax-advantaged college savings plans
  • How to better manage and maximize your paycheck


Employers benefit, too. How? By having ready access to news on the latest developments in payroll technology - from the rapid emergence of electronic paycards to manager and employee self-service capabilities. It's also a great educational resource to offer your employees, a resource backed by leading authorities in the payroll field. We invite employers - payroll professionals and employees to click on MyPaycheck often. The information is educational. The online tools are handy and helpful. And unlike most employee benefits - MyPaycheck is free!